Friday, July 22, 2016

Update to the Update

Just wanted to let everyone know I'm doing fine.  I felt a bit weird about my last post, I'm not the type that shares that much information on the interweb, but it was the easiest way to get the word out to a lot of people at once.  Since the last post, I've been through a bunch of medical tests and am now on a treatment schedule.  Seems everything is still a bit ambiguous and only time will tell, but we are trying to stay hopeful and get back to some semblance of normal.  If you want more details or just want to chat, please give a call or shoot us a message.  Like I said, laying my life out there for everyone to see, especially somewhere like Facebook, doesn't feel right.
I'll try to put together another post in the next few days with our recent happenings in Sitka, we have been quite busy the past few weeks.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Seems I need to write an update on recent goings-on.  Back in December I spent a couple nights in the ER with severe stomach problems.  An ultrasound in March revealed a gallbladder that needed to come out, and a question about one of my kidneys.  A CT scan several weeks ago showed no issue with my kidney, but an unknown mass mixed in with my guts.  My doctor made the right decision and referred me out of town.  Last Wednesday Nicole, Madeline and I flew down to Seattle, and Thursday we met with a surgeon at the U of W.  Friday I was back for another ultrasound-guided biopsy of the mass.  Saturday I was fast-tracked into surgery, where they removed the mass, my gallbladder, and various other parts, then did a quick repair on a surprise hernia they found before sewing me back up.  Today I was released from the hospital, and am spending some time in Seattle recovering before heading back to Sitka.  Turns out the mass and some of the other stuff they removed was cancerous, so now I get to live with that.  The doctors are pretty positive about the whole situation.  Just by pure chance this was caught during a different test, so that was a very good thing.  Long term I will most likely go through chemo, and probably have a lot more medical attention than I am used to.  Short term I seem to be missing a bunch of my innards and that hurts like hell.
I'm not going to include pictures with this post, if you really like seeing staple closed incisions come visit me in the next couple weeks, I've got a bunch to show off.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

I have to admit I had a pretty idilic childhood, and part of that was making the most of holidays.  Nicole and I are trying our best to do the same for Madeline, blending family traditions from when we were young and some new ones well suited to our current lifestyle.
Because my work schedule is crazy now and I may not get another day off in the next few months, I wanted to take this weekend to spend time at home and make the most of the holiday.  Saturday morning saw Nicole at the democratic caucus while I spent time with Madeline.  When Nicole was done, I made a quick run to work to line out my workaholic crew for the next couple days, while Nicole and Madeline headed to the elementary school down the block for an Easter egg hunt.  Typical rainy Sitka weather didn't seem to keep anyone inside, and the kids made quick work of the 8,000 eggs they had set out.  We took advantage of the food stands they had at the school for some hot dogs, and supplemented those with some of the delicious and beautiful treats Nicole had made the past few days.
Across the bridge the Coast Guard families were holding their annual "Rainy Day Bazaar".  We spent time looking at the various booths, quite a bit of time convincing Madeline there would be more than enough treats at home so we didn't need to buy any there, and a couple of run-ins with a six foot bunny that was deemed too scary to meet.
Back across the bridge and down to the harbor, we decided go slightly non-traditional (at least for folks outside Alaska) for Easter dinner, and bought a seven pound king crab.  Once home, we realized  with the sale of our boat and much of our boating gear, we didn't have cooking facilities anywhere near adequate for king crab.  Luckily just about everyone else in Sitka has the gear we needed, and with a couple quick phone calls we were set up with a pot and cooker.
Back home, we started in on decorating eggs and various other craft projects.  Lots of fun, interspersed with candy consumption from the earlier egg hunt, rounded out the afternoon.  When it was time for dinner, I made quick work of cooking up the crab, and we sat down to a pretty decadent dinner.  It was obvious that a seven pound crab would provide several meals for the two of us, with Madeline remaining steadfast in her refusal of fresh seafood, and two nights of king crab didn't seem like too harsh a sacrifice for us.
Dinner done and Madeline in bed, we watched a crummy movie, and then spent time hiding four dozen eggs and several baskets around our not-very-big apartment.  We had hard boiled and colored a dozen eggs, and had three dozen more plastic eggs that we filled with candy and hid.
Madeline gave me one of the best Easter gifts I could hope for, and slept in until almost 8am on Sunday so I could catch up on sleep.  I think I underestimated Madeline's abilities and made the egg hunt easier than it needed to be, so she made quick work of finding eggs, baskets, and a new bunny pillow.  I think it took more time to open all the plastic eggs and dump the candy than it took to find the eggs.  A nice pancake breakfast at home and some Easter cartoons rounded out the morning.
With another community egg hunt in the early afternoon, we were pleasantly surprised when the rain stopped just long enough for us to fill another bucket with eggs and candy.  This egg hunt was in one of the community parks, so the eggs were scattered in the woods and a little more challenging to find.  For the rest of the day, we should have just enough time to Skype and Facetime with family before we dive into the remaining pile of crab for dinner.  Oh, there is also all that candy we will have to do something about.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

This Place We Live

Part of our long road trip in 2013-2014 was to visit friends and family, part of it was looking for the next place to live.  As such, we visited lots of people, and saw lots of good and bad places to live.  There were some stops where one night seemed way too long, and there were others that were very hard to leave.  Some of the fondness comes from the company, just ask our friends Dave and Judith, who several times after months as hosts have probably wondered if we were ever leaving.  Some of it comes from the great places our friends live.
The bottom line is no place is perfect, but even with it's issues and quirks, Sitka Alaska is a pretty special place.  When we came back to Sitka in October we we're offered a really sweet deal house-sitting until the end of the year.  The first couple pictures in this post show the view out the front windows, of the ocean and our own little volcano, Mount Edgecumbe.  You can't actually see Russia from here, but who the hell cares with views like this.
The other picture is looking across the lake at our new digs.  We moved in during the holidays and are finally settling in.  Lake out front, mountains out the back windows, still not too shabby.  Because Sitka is built at the oceans edge on the side of the mountains, there are not too many places you can live without a stunning view.  Be sure to click on the pictures to see the full screen version.
The other great thing about Sitka is it's sense of community.  There are lots of small groups with similar interests, lots of activities for families.  The holidays and festivals are big deals for many of the residents.  Even in the winter there is always something going on.
As an example I included a few pictures from Halloween, as most people know it is one of my favorite holidays.  You can see from the pictures that my enthusiasm has only grown now that I get to share the holiday with Madeline.  In Sitka they shut down the main street, and all the businesses give out candy as the kids trick-or-treat their way around downtown.
This makes sense in a community with regular sightings in town of 1000 lb. brown bears.  A small child with a bag of chocolate walking door to door in the dark seems an unnecessary temptation.
Speaking of bears, these folks have also found a fun and entertaining way to dispose of the jack-o-lanterns post holiday.  You may remember during our first stay in Sitka that Nicole worked for a facility that housed rescued brown bears, called Fortress of the Bears.  Turns out they have a little pre-hibernation party for the bears and the community just after Halloween.  Bring out your pumpkin, fill it with fruit, veggies and other treats, and then they fence off the bears while everyone goes in the enclosure and sets out their pumpkins.  The resulting mayhem watching the bears tear apart the pumpkins and eat the treats inside, watched from the safety of the catwalk above, is pretty entertaining.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays

Last minute Christmas tree and stockings
Veterinarian kit, complete with patient
Never a dull moment with us, even staying home for the holidays and not having visitors we still manage to make life difficult.  We are half way through a move, on Christmas.  We thought we might be in the new place in time, but my work schedule and the needs of a three year old conspired against us and it just didn't make sense to have things harder than they needed to be.  Most of our stuff is in our new apartment, but because clothes and food are still in the old place we decided to stay there to celebrate and use the upcoming weekend to move.  Anyway, some much requested pictures of Miss Madeline opening gifts and overall just being her cute self.  Thanks to my mom for the toys, clothes and books, and brother for the thoughtful gifts.  Thanks to Dave and Judith for the new boots.  Thanks to John and Rose for the Duplos. Thanks to Nicole's Aunt Pat for the polar bear and book.  Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and that all is well with you and your families.
Books, books, and more books

New Bogs boots, thanks Dave and Judith

One of many boxes of Duplos

Polar bear with book

Monday, December 7, 2015


I'm just going to say it, Baraka no longer exists.  Legal ownership of our sailboat changed last week, and with it the name of the boat changed as well, so she is gone.  Bittersweet doesn't even come close.  It was the right move to pass her along to someone that would use her.  Sitting in the yard wasn't doing anyone any favors, her least of all.  But we had a lot of dreams wrapped up in that boat, so now comes the time to let go of those dreams and start formulating some new ones.  Instead of trying to describe my thoughts and feelings in words, I'm going to let our photos tell this story, this chapter in our lives.

Our first day together, bringing her home.

Puget Sound Cruising Club raft-ups

Great Friends
Old acquaintances at Goddard Hot Springs
Windy Bay

Milltown Sailing events

Squirrel Cove

Wonderful sailing companions


Poulsbo 3rd of July festivities

Great sailing
The best mate

Packing for travel

New crew

Elfin Cove

Fjordlands fun

And the rain

And the snow

And the yard work

"Any port in a storm" port tasting


Red Bluffs Bay

Impromptu gatherings

The best times

Dock life  in winter

It really doesn't get any better than this

Exploration in Tracy Arm

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Family Visit

Several hints in my last post about family visiting, and then nothing for months.  I've been busy, and lazy, and overall just unmotivated to write.  I started to write a different post (which will be coming right after this one), and then remembered I should make good on my previous promises first.
Earlier this summer, my mom and brother decided to fly up and visit while we were still in Juneau.  We filled the time with the usual touristy things, went to the Mendenhall glacier, went out on a whale watch tour, rode the tram, went to the hatchery, visited the city museum, ate at all the decent restaurants, drove out the road to look at the wildlife.  The days were packed with activities beyond just chasing a toddler around.
Their timing was good for salmon watching, the fish ladder and holding pens at the hatchery were filled with salmon and it made for some great viewing.  we really took advantage of the tour company I was working for.  We tried to go on a beach safari trip that they offer, but unfortunately had mechanical issues and had to turn back.  We did get in a good whale watch trip, with lots of humpback activity including a mom and calf doing simultaneous breaching.  My brother and I also got to go on a hovercraft tour to a nearby glacier, a very interesting experience giving a different perspective on our surroundings.
Some of the highlights that are shown in the photos included a great show by the humpback whales on our tour (photo by my brother), an up close visit from a bear while we were taking pictures out the road, and a panoramic shot from the hovercraft trip.
Even though we had seen my family recently when we stopped in MN on our way to AK, it's always nice to have folks put in the effort to come see you, especially when you are a moving target like we are and tend to stop in pretty remote locations.