Saturday, February 14, 2015


So we've been getting some snow.
You probably already know this, because for some reason it is national news-worthy that New England is getting snow this winter.  How ridiculous all the sensationalized news media crap is still baffles me.  It's winter, in Maine, and it snowed.  Really!
Anyway, I'm not doing a post to bitch about the snow.  I'm not writing to say our life is hell because it snowed here.  I'm writing because we spent a few winters in Sitka, and a few more before that in Seattle, and I've really missed winter.  As far as I'm concerned the snow can keep coming, which is good because they have another couple feet forecast this weekend.  To give you some perspective on the pictures, our trucks are about 6 1/2 feet tall, and the snow banks around the driveway are at least another three feet above that.
I'm not really sure what the plow guy is going to do from here, there is nowhere to go with the next snowfall and the driveway is getting pretty small.  Thankfully not my problem.
This is severely limiting playground time for Madeline, but she has her yoga class once a week to keep her in shape until spring, and her choice of winter footwear gives her quite the workout as well.
So, sorry to all the MN and AK folks that are still looking at grass and wondering why they bought new skis for Xmas.  Maybe you should come for a visit.