Sunday, December 4, 2016

November Followup

No Shave November results
Some of you have already seen the initial results photos on facebook for my "No shave November".  As a blog post follow-up I give to you those pictures along with the process back to my normal look. In the previous blog post I provided links to several suggestions for organizations you might consider for donations, hoping that my bit of fun in November might inspire you to some giving this holiday season.
And from the side
Truth is, I'm not great at giving to organizations myself, and have only recently been put in a position where one of these organizations is meaningful to me on a very personal level.  Most days between working a sometimes physically demanding job and trying my best to enhance the lives of my wife and daughter, I just barely have the energy to whine about my health issues, and certainly don't feel I can be the champion of some righteous cause.  What I'm trying to say is if you feel like you want to do something charitable, good for you, and let me know if I can help in any way.
My attempt at zebra stripes
Back to my facial hair fun.
 The first couple photos are the end result of one month without shaving.  With some of the hair darker, some blond, and some of it gray, it tends to make it look a bit patchy.  Add to that some dog bite scars and a couple other scars where there is no hair growth and I think I am out of the running for any beard beauty pageants.
Zebra stripes?
I then went looking for suggestions on how to continue the fun on my way back to my normal "five o'clock shadow" look.  My idea was to continue with the zebra theme.  You've probably heard the saying "when you hear hoof beats, think of horses and not zebras".  Because carcinoid cancer is so rare, and the symptoms are like so many other ailments, the idea is to get doctors looking for zebras.  Anyway, I made an attempt to shave my face into zebra stripes.  It probably doesn't sound very easy, and it turns out its even harder than it sounds.  I gave it a shot, was disappointed with the results, and moved on.  You can form your own opinion.
Lastly, my friend Sue decided to play along, made a donation, and suggested I try a Fu Manchu mustache.  This is a nod towards her husband Jim, who has sported some distinctive facial hair for a very long time.  This turned out to be a learning experience, for when I looked to google for some inspirational pictures, I found that a real Fu Manchu would take years to even begin, so I went for the easy substitution, which I guess is called a horseshoe mustache.  Fun, but I think the females in this house agree it is not a good permanent option.  All in all this was a lot of fun.  I got to try growing a beard, I knew there was an end date in sight, and I had a good excuse for doing it (not that anyone really asked).