Monday, October 25, 2010

October in a nutshell

When we repainted the hull of the boat, we had to remove the name and hailing port off the transom. Soon after leaving the boat yard we ordered our new vinyl graphics, and they sat on the boat for weeks waiting for us to find some ambition. Last Saturday that ambition crept up and caught Nicole and I by surprise, and our boat once again has a name and a place.

Shortly after applying the boat graphics, we headed out on the boat, across the sound to Port Madison for our cruising club halloween cruise. The weather forecast was a bit intimidating for the weekend and consequently the turnout was less than usual, but the club house was warm and cozy and the food was good. We ended up winning the pumpkin carving contest, part of the prize being a nice bottle of wine. We are trying to reduce our wine stores on the boat before heading to Canada in the spring, and by drinking one bottle with dinner and then winning one right after, we may have to try different tactics.

On Sunday, it turned out they got the forecast right, and it was a bit lumpy bringing the boat back home. About mid-Sound we were registering steady 27 knot winds with gusts just over 38 knots. This was the first bad weather we have been out in since acquiring our new shipmate, and Hope seemed more annoyed than scared, and thankfully didn't show any signs of being sick.

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  1. The name looks great! Glad to hear you guys made it back okay and that Hope didn't puke.