Monday, February 28, 2011

Sorting and Purging

The word for this week is "declutter", which my spellcheck informs me is not a word, and needs a hyphen or a space.  Well, we need a space too, and hence operation de-clutter.  I won't go into the boring details of emptying out storage spaces, but will start a mini-feature for this week called "What's on the free shelf".  The laundry room at the marina has a shelf behind the washers that people have traditionally used to deposit unwanted items in hopes that other will take and use them.  These items range from old Beta movies (really?) to new clothes with tags still attached.  We have a stack of things to add to the shelf, and rather than doing it all at once I will make the walk down each morning to deposit a couple of our items, check to see what others have left, and see if any of our items from the previous day are still there.
I wanted to start off slow, being Monday and all, so today I brought down several spare foot-pump hoses for Zodiac type inflatable boats, an unused garment bag, an electrical extension cord, a yarn-art cat, and a miniature inflatable boat.  I was greeted at the laundry room door by little girl, probably about 2, and the inflatable boat never even made it to the shelf.  The shelf was empty when I arrived, so our items won't be competing against any antique tea sets or stereo equipment, at least not yet.  Tomorrow I'll check in to see what is new or left over from today, and drop off a tool kit in a plastic case that should be a nice find for someone.  The remainder of the weeks' cast-offs promise to get bigger and better, so stay tuned.

Edit:  My daily posts about our offerings to the free shelf were boring to me, so I can't imagine anyone reading this (Is anyone reading this?) was interested either, so I got rid of the posts.  I dumped a bunch of stuff on the shelf and will continue Friday and Saturday, and hopefully it all finds good homes.

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