Friday, October 14, 2011

By the Numbers

Our friends Tor and Jess are back in Seattle after spending four months sailing to Alaska and back, and one of their recent blog posts features statistics from their travels.  I thought it would be interesting to compare notes, since we met up and traveled with them for a portion of the trip but had very different summers doing similar activities in the same places.  Last week saw the milestone of six months since we cut the dock lines and left Seattle, so in the past half year this is what our life looks like:

Miles traveled: 2040
Number of days: 178
Nights spent at anchor: 116
Nights spent at the dock: 62
(21 of those 62 were spent in Juneau while Nicole went back to Maine and when my family came to visit)
Nights at the dock that we didn't pay for: 22
(Between free docks in Alaska and reciprocal moorage in WA and BC we made out pretty good)
Travel days: 84
Rest days: 94 (including 21 days in Juneau)
Total engine hours: 433
Fuel used: 504 gallons
(That includes fuel for the heater, which was used for all but about two weeks of the trip so far)
Days that we sailed at least part of the day: 19
Crabs caught: 87  (plus three more given to us by another boat)
Prawns caught: 190 (plus another 45 given to us by other boats)
Fish caught and kept: 15
(This includes salmon and rockfish, but not all the bottom fish we caught and threw back)

Our four month trip in 2009 was a bit faster paced, but some of the numbers were surprisingly close:
Total miles: 2757
The 700 extra miles is almost the exact distance from Petersburg (where we turned around and headed for Sitka this year) back to Seattle.
Travel days: 87
Almost the same as this year
Rest days: 37
Obviously with three times the rest days this year we figured out how to slow down a little bit.
Engine hours: 547
Again, the difference is pretty close to what it would take to get us back to Seattle if we hadn't stayed up here this year.
Fuel used: 550 gallons

If you want to see the stats. for Tor and Jess, you can find those here.


  1. Jeez, are we supposed to be tracking all that stuff? I could tell you how many beers are left in the fridge but that's about it.

  2. Nice - I shared it on our facebook page.