Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Special Delivery

Getting a package in the mail is almost always an enjoyable event.  Traveling by sailboat makes it pretty hard for the postal service to track us down, so we have our mail held in Seattle and forwarded every month or so.  When our mail does catch up to us, it is usually just a pile of bills, most or all of which were paid electronically long before we received the bills themselves.  As a special treat, our friend Dave sent us some gear we hope will prove useful this winter (expect a follow-up blog post about this soon), and in the box he also included some fun extras, including a Dilbert comic book that once again reassures me I will never go back to cubicle work.  The only thing missing in the box was a treat of some kind for our cat, Hope.  Thankfully she is a resourceful feline, and found a way to make the package a treat for her as well.

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