Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sun and Blue Skies (No, really)

If you look back on my posts for the past several months where I mention the weather, which happens to be most of them, you will see a lot of references to rain, snow, wind and other less-than-pleasant conditions.  This isn't because it happens to be stormy only when I type up a post.  In reality it's been pretty crappy all the time for the past couple months, and the few times the weather has cleared it's been mid-day and mid-week when I'm at work, and only for a couple of hours.  That makes a day like today extra special, because it was clear and sunny on a weekend day, and tomorrow is suppose to more of the same.  The temps were in the 20's today making it a bit crisp, but the views more than made up for the chilly air.  It's suppose to drop into the teens tonight, and single digits mid week, so I'm guessing the harbor will be frozen in soon, but we weren't going anywhere with the boat so that's not really a big deal either.
The little green truck probably won't deal well with the cold and I'll be making other arrangements to get to work by mid-week, but there's no sense worrying about that when I've got another day of weekend to enjoy.
On a side note, my friend Dave sent us another care package, which was probably suppose to get to us a while ago, but when you combine a busy life and the USPS in Alaska, these things can become a drawn-out affair.  Anyway, among various odd things in the care package were new hats for Nicole and myself.  You would have to know Dave to understand the thought process that precedes something like shipping a pair of Jacque Cousteau-esque stocking caps to us in Alaska, but if you know Dave then the whole thing makes perfect sense.  The hats were made by Dave's friend Mark, using a crochet technique called siberian stitch, which is suppose to be both warm and windproof.  I didn't realize that there was a bit of anticipation building on Mark's blog about us receiving these hats, but if you are interested you can read all about it on his blog and learn more about the crochet technique here.  It sounded like Mark has been waiting to hear from us since he made the hats in November, but we just received them last week so I'm passing the buck on this one.
We decided as long as the weather was so nice (and warm-hat-worthy) we would take the opportunity to model the hats for Mark and Dave.  Not much wind today so time will tell on the wind-blocking effectiveness but the hats are certainly warm.  It might seem strange that I would take a picture of us modeling hats and then cut off half my head in the picture, but realistically Nicole is cuter and more important to have fully in the frame, plus it was pretty cold and I didn't bring gloves so I didn't feel like screwing around a bunch with self-timer pictures to get a better shot.    Hopefully we will get out on the boat in the not too distant future and we can get a better picture of the hats in use and how well they go with our boats hull color.

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  1. Love the hats! Have fun walking to work this week. Will Nicole not push the truck while you steer? That seems more fun. Snow in Seattle. Oh! And the big news at Shilshole? Laundry machines can now accept credit cards. WOOHOO!!! NO MORE QUARTERS! (is that what you guys were waiting for? You can come back now!!) :)