Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Quick Update

I'm tired.  Just plain worn out.  I haven't posted on our blog in a while, mainly because our internet access has been out for the past several weeks, but also because I'm working 70 hour work weeks right now and the little time I spend at home is taken up by eating and sleeping.  My work schedule should be letting up in the next several weeks once all our boats are back in service for the summer.
Meanwhile, Nicole is doing well, and our little girl is growing right on schedule with no problems or complications.  Nicole is enjoying her job working with the animals, and the first cruise ship shows up next week so she will start dealing with tourists as well.
Kitty is a pain in the ass as always.
We've had some vehicle issues, at one point both our cars were out of commission, but Nicole's Toyota is back up and running, and I've been biking to work for the past couple weeks so things are working themselves out.  Once I get a day off I should be able to get my Isuzu running again as well, just in case we get some late snow and the bike ride seems daunting.
Otherwise all is good in our little slice of heaven.


  1. Wait a minute.Did I miss a post? You know the baby is a girl?

  2. No, you didn't miss anything. And YES! We found out the baby is a girl at the 20 week ultrasound on April 18th. We've had about all we can handle just keeping ourselves fed and rested that we simply haven't had time to spread the word. During our "visit" our little girl thrilled us with lots of movement, a smile and a yawn. It was the most amazing experience!

  3. :) Congrats on the little girl:)