Sunday, August 26, 2012

More Visitors

Seems my family visiting us in Sitka has set off a wave of visitors.  Several weeks after my mom and brother left, friends of ours showed up on their sailboat.  We met Jason and Christy in Seattle, where we lived aboard our sailboats at Shilshole Bay Marina for several years.  They left Seattle earlier this year on their sailboat Hello World, intending on making a slow trip up to and around Southeast Alaska.  They plan to leave their boat in Alaska for the winter while they head back south to work, and return in the spring to continue exploring Southeast for a second summer before sailing back down to more reasonable winter weather.
After a couple days of playing tourist, with multiple stops at the local brewery, more friends showed up, and we were suddenly overwhelmed with socializing.  Friends from Boulder Colorado, Adam and Ellen, came up to Sitka to visit with us for a few days before all four of us left on a cruise around Southeast Alaska.  For the first few days of their visit, all six of us did some hiking, visited more touristy spots, and of course made our way to the brewery most afternoons.  In case anyone is thinking that by going to the brewery almost daily, Nicole is either being left out of the activities or is being an atrocious mother-to-be, the brewery also offers some of the best home brewed root beer, is smoke-free, and is very family friendly, so it turned out to be a great place to sit and socialize.  After a few more days of outdoor fun, Adam and Ellen headed out of town with us aboard one of the company tour boats, and Jason and Christy flew out to Anchorage to meet up with family.

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