Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Big Thank You

Who you callin' noisy?
Any of our readers that have children can probably relate to the fact that we have been a bit preoccupied lately.  Each morning when I leave for work I need to check to make sure I have my wallet, not because it is common for me to forget my wallet, but these days it might be just as likely I forgot to put on pants before leaving the boat, so my wallet check serves several purposes.  Along with forgetting things in daily life, our priorities tend more towards survival and a minimizing of noise.  My internet surfing time is taken up with comparison shopping for diapers, and our "down time" on the weekends resembles a three ring circus of laundry, groceries and cleaning.  All of this works as convenient excuses for what we haven't done but want to, which is to say Thank You.
Many of our friends and relatives have sent cards, gifts, and well wishes for the addition to our family, and we haven't quite been able to squeeze in time to write the thank you notes we intend to write.  I still have hope that we will get to them, but the timing is no longer just subject to my procrastination.
Being physically isolated as we are from both family and friends, we lack the network many have for input, encouragement and reassurance and the cards and emails become that much more important to us.  This is just a quick note to say thank you for checking in, it means a lot to us, and don't be surprised if you find a thank you note in the mail, someday.


  1. Sounds like your doing great being a parent, lucky, behinningb to some of that hair. No worries on a thank you on this end Friend, just give them a squeeze and remember to smile at one another and to sit down without your pants and enjoy the simple times! You have a leg up anywayz, you have your sea legs already!

    1. Not sure who this is but thanks for the response. Doing great at being a parent hasn't been too tough so far, but five weeks into an eighteen year (or more) project isn't much of a sample. Time will tell.

  2. Hi guys, I just found your blog. Can't wait to read all your adventures.