Friday, September 27, 2013

Still here

Our regular readers (all three of you) might be wondering what happened to us.  We were cruising along in the boat, having birthday parties and playing with dolphins, and then the posts stop.  Well, wonder no longer, we are in Seattle.  Our trip through lower British Columbia went by in a flash, and here we are.  When last I posted, we were in Johnstone Strait playing with the dolphins.  From there we started seeing more and more boats, and having an aversion to crowds we decided to high-tail it south as quickly as possible.  We hit a couple of our favorite spots in Desolation Sound, then a couple hops to get us to Nanaimo.  Showers, groceries, some ice cream, a trip to the library, and we were off to the Gulf Islands.  Got to meet up and have dinner with an ex-customer-now-friend that had been out playing on his boat all summer, and met some new friends as well.  The crowds continued to build and clearing customs was a zoo but easy enough.  Our day from the San Juans to Port Townsend was probably one of the worst days we have spent on the water: contrary current up to 4 knots, pea soup fog with eighth mile visibility, and a cranky one year old made it a trip to forget.  We spent a couple days in Port Townsend recovering, with liberal doses of pizza and ice cream, and then made our way down to Seattle.  The boat is currently tied up in Elliot Bay while we strip as much stuff as we can off her and prep her for winter.  Next week we will move the boat to Everett where she will get hauled out and stored on land for the winter.  As the boat empties, our new camper van seems to fill, and I'm sure we will end up carrying around much more crap than any one family could need for a couple months on the road.  I'm hoping to keep up the blog while we are on the road, and may get one more post in of prep work before we leave.  If you were worried that we had fallen into a life of normalcy, fear not, the stupidity continues in one form or another and I'll continue to write about it as I have time.


  1. I am glad that I ran into you today in Everett. As I was telling Nicole, check out the Women Who Sail FB page. It's a great perspective on sailing with kids and babies and just an all around female perspective on sailing and living on a boat. Hopefully I'll get to see you when you get back to Everett.

  2. I'm not anonymous, My name is Diane Elliott, I met you today at the Everett Marina. I had the two Terriors. Anyway I don't have any of the other profiles, so I selected anynymous. Guess I need to figure out what profile to choose.