Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Black Dragon Canyon

One of our favorite places in Utah is a spot called Black Dragon Canyon. It's north and west of Moab, just off the interstate, but because the entry is not marked and a bit intimidating once you do find it, not many people visit.  There is an un-official camping site nearby, some interesting hiking in the surrounding canyons, an impressive pictograph panel in the canyon proper, and some fun rock hunting in the area.
We were not too sure how feasible it would be to get in to the area with our camper van, but it turned out to be no problem.  The road in was in decent shape and the camping area was deserted.  We spent a couple nights camped, did a few hikes, watched a scary storm pass nearby but not over us, visited the rock art site, and found a couple nice geodes.  We plopped Madeline down in the rocks and dirt and let her play, which turned out to be so much fun she was not happy about coming in for dinner.  She does tend to taste test a lot of the rocks so we have to keep a close eye on her, but she is certainly not afraid to get dirty.
Besides the passing storm our good weather has continued to hold on the trip.  Nighttime temps. are below freezing but the heater in the van seems to be keeping up, and the cold has triggered the beautiful yellow colors of the cottonwoods to make the stunning scenery even better.

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