Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Czech List

Bohemian Samsonite

Most of my ancestors on both sides of my family came from Czechoslovakia.  My grandmother's generation thought it was a bad thing to claim you descended from gypsies, but anyone that knows me can verify that it would be a pretty safe bet in my case.  These days it's pretty hip to be "bohemian", but our family really never had a choice.  It's been the subject of many inside jokes, one of my favorites of which is our choice of luggage.  Packing for many of our weekend trips consisted of tossing a bunch of stuff in several paper grocery bags, and eventually we dubbed this "Bohemian Samsonite".  For our stay in Minnesota we continued on this theme for our check list of baby-proofing of my mom's house.
Bohemian Child Gate
Madeline is starting to walk, and kept making her way to the stairs to the second floor.  She navigates stairs fine, but we worried she might miss a step and tumble, so we wanted to at least slow her down so we could limit her ascents to times when we were within reach.  Our solution was anything but elegant, but it served its purpose for the short time we were visiting.   The same can be said for our cabinet locks.
Bohemian Cabinet Lock
If/when we ever get a house of our own we can do things right with some slightly more permanent solutions, but for now a (very) small bit of ingenuity kept things to a moderately safe level.

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