Saturday, January 4, 2014

The weather outside is frightful

I wrote in an earlier post that we have been exceptionally lucky in dodging bad weather during our road trip.  The first five weeks of travel we had rain one evening for about an hour, and about twenty minutes of snow going over the pass near Vail Colorado.  That was it, for five weeks.
During our stay in Minnesota it snowed several times but we were not traveling and got to sit back and enjoy the show with no stress.  After leaving Minnesota it seemed like we were dodging one winter storm after another (when did they start naming winter storms?), watching or listening to the weather when we had the chance, quite successfully missing the worst of the weather.
When we got to Maine there was already snow on the ground and the temperature was low enough that it was there to stay.  A couple of days into our stay in Maine we were hit with a storm that dumped about eighteen inches of snow.  We had a warm place to stay and good company, we were staying with Nicole's brother, so we just stayed put until the roads were clear.  A few days later we took a side trip to Bar Harbor to visit friends, and the weather turned to crap during our drive up. It deteriorated further over the next several days.  After a bit of snow it warmed up and turned to rain, then cooled again to right at freezing and everything started turning to ice.  The ice continued, coating everything and slowly building enough to make roads impassable, and eventually taking down trees and power lines until about 100,000 people in Maine were without power.
We were staying with our friend Judy, and even though her house is nestled in the woods near Acadia she never lost power.  We took advantage of conditions to again stay put, enjoy the wood stove, a lot of good food, and very good company.
It's nice to travel with no real deadlines so when the bad weather does show up we can stay put and enjoy our visits.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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