Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Heading North

Today was a typical "Greg cruising day".  We started out with the intention of spending one more day cleaning up the boat, but I starting waffling about heading somewhere new.  A decision was made (possibly not unanimously) to move on, this was discussed and changed in favor of staying, then changed again and we were off and heading north.  The weather was lovely, with a beautiful grey sky merging with the grey water, luckily the wind was blowing enough so the very prominent white caps helped to differentiate the two.  We were too late for the tide to help us, so we slowly plodded along watching the boat speed slow more and more.  I think the near freezing temperature really helped things, meaning that once it started raining, it could turn to sleet and hail, giving me a perfect preview of things to come as we head further north.
The highlight of the day was spotting a whale near Foulweather Bluff.  I'm going to call it a Minke Whale because Nicole was the only other one there and she wasn't very convincing when telling me I was wrong.  With several more whale identification guides on board this trip I have a much better chance of really confusing myself when trying to identify the various marine mammals we see.  The day ended in Port Ludlow, one of our favorite anchorages in Puget Sound, with the heater going and a good book, so at least things ended well.

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