Saturday, April 9, 2011

Still in the USA

The last couple days in Port Townsend have been really nice.  My birthday was spent in perfect PT fashion, a starter beer at the brewery, pizza at the Waterfront, Ice Cream at Elevated Ice Cream, and a final beer at Sirens.
Yesterday was a free day at the marina (reciprocal moorage is nice when it works) so we headed to Port Townsend Sails for some supplies to put our mainsail back together so we can finally sail again, bummed around town a bit, and got some more small projects done on the boat.  Because of our stops yesterday at the brewery and Sirens, I didn't get a chance to consume my birthday beer, so last night we watched some TV (being at the dock has other advantages) and polished off a special bottle of Surly Smoke, smuggled back from our last trip to MN.
This morning Nicole is hitting the grocery store while I change oil on the boat, then we will head over to Mystery Bay for a day or two, waiting out some crummy weather headed our way and finishing our taxes so we can drop them off before leaving the country early next week.

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