Monday, March 5, 2012

Big News!!!

With the gradual demise of our borrowed little green truck, we have been searching for a replacement vehicle.  Choices in Sitka are fairly new diesel pickups for around $20k or rusted out wrecks for $500.  This isn't the range of choices, it's pretty much one or the other.  As luck would have it, just about the time I was ready to spend some serious money on a totally unsuitable vehicle, one of my co-workers mentioned he had an Isuzu Rodeo that I could have if I was willing to put a little time into fixing it.  After much waiting for the paperwork for legal ownership I finally took possession this past weekend and have been fixing little issues in hopes of making it a reliable commuting machine.  So far I have hope that this will be a reasonable choice for us.  A vehicle with brakes, working heat, windshield wipers, and four wheel drive are all good things, but probably the most important is that it is a four door with a real backseat that will easily accommodate a child seat.  That should come in handy this September.


  1. Oh wow oh wow!!! Congratulations you guys!!!

  2. Most importantly, what color is it? :)

  3. And, do you know if it's a stick shift yet?

  4. Thanks everyone. The Rodeo is a gray manual transmission. As far as our other upcoming addition, Nicole saw a black and white picture so we're not sure on color but I would guess pink, and hopefully the next pictures we see in a couple weeks will tell us if it is a stick shift.