Sunday, March 11, 2012

Report Card

Thank you to everyone that responded to our last post with congratulations and well wishes.  It is a relief to finally be "out of the closet" with our news, the past weeks have been hard every time someone asked "What's new with you?".
Nicole felt I needed to do a bit of "how are we doing" on our blog before I get back to my normal meaningless posts.  Both Nicole and I are doing well.  Nicole is feeling good and hasn't been sick, and her doctor feels everything is normal and on-track.  Boat life continues to be boat life, and not much has really changed for us, yet.  We are already starting to look at things with a more critical eye, wondering about things like how easy it will be to get on and off the boat when Nicole's center of gravity starts shifting.  Luckily we are both good at adapting to new situations as needed so we should be able to adjust our lives to cope with any issues that crop up.  We'll keep you posted as things progress.

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  1. Congratulations you guys! I hope Nicole is doing great on the boat - I assume she is. I was on board until my 8th month with Raelan. And the only issue I had was extreme seasickness whenever we were underway. Which was a problem given we were in Panama and slowly headed home. Oh, and it was really hot in Central America. I'm thinking not so much a problem for you. Which is good when you have a built in furnace called a baby. :) We're super happy for you guys! Karisa