Sunday, February 24, 2013


It's been a long time since I posted an update.  The reality is that our little one continues to grow and change, and everything else seems to remain the same.  We are making plans for the upcoming summer, and will post when/if we ever come up with a solid plan.
In going through photos the other day, I noticed many of the cover pics in the different iPhoto events show a grinning Madeline, so I thought I could share some smiles until we have other news.

Tummy Time

This doesn't work without teeth.
A cupcake for Valentine's Day
Sitka onesie
Enough pictures, it's playtime.


  1. thank you for sharing the smiles--made me smile, which is saying something for a Sunday leading into a Monday(ughhh). Looks like she's stirring up your world just a bit!Keep up the good work Dad!

  2. What a precious and happy baby! She is just lovely!

  3. Hi! It's Mimi! Madeline looks fine and happy as if there was any other way to be with you as parents. She's so pretty! Grampa and I love her and you both very much. Sorry your call had to be cut short last night. We miss you and love you all. We are all going up to Cathy's on Saturday. She wants to make a family meal for Dad and I and John,Rose and Colleen. I hope the weather holds...Talk to you soon. Love.

  4. Love the tie-dye with the hippy crochet cap. Dang she is a beautiful baby.

  5. She is gorgeous and so happy! You guys did great! Hope we get to see you soon! XXXXOOOO the Wood Gang