Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Life Changes

Anyone reading this either came across the post by chance or you are very patient in waiting for new posts from us.  It's been a while, but thanks for waiting.  My work ramped up as it always does in the spring, culminating in a two week paycheck for well over 170 hours.  That kind of schedule doesn't leave a lot of time for blog posts, in fact it doesn't leave much time for anything, and I was trying desperately to keep some semblance of normal at home for Nicole and Madeline.  Add to that the fact that our free internet access on the boat has pretty much dried up, so there wasn't much chance I was going to take what little free time I had to go track down a wifi signal.
I gave notice at work a couple months ago with the stipulation I would work until the end of May, and thankfully that day finally came and I am now happily unemployed once again.  I'm sure family is once again wondering what the hell we are doing, especially the thought of giving up a high paying job in a beautiful place with a little one to support.  I'm not sure I can justify the decision, but I'm pretty sure I don't really have to.  Our lives, our decisions, our reality to deal with.
The plan right now is to spend some time on the boat as a family this summer.  We may stay in Alaska, we may head back to Seattle, we may make plans for sailing in other directions.  For now, we just want some time together with no schedule so Nicole and I can enjoy spending real time with our daughter.   I'll continue to update this blog as I can, but anyone that has been following us for a while knows that internet access is pretty limited in Alaska so it may be a while between posts. I'll try to do my best to update and entertain and let folks knows as future plans are made.

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