Monday, February 3, 2014

The South

Don't confuse this post with the earlier one titled "South", which was about traveling south down the east coast of the US.  It should be easy to differentiate because in that post I had something to talk about.  Also, don't be offended if the area I am referring to as the south is not what you think of as the south.  I grew up in Minnesota, and now live in Alaska, so it's pretty much all south to me.
We left Kentucky and headed into Missouri, where we turned south and ventured into Arkansas.  We turned west and pretty much covered the whole state of Arkansas, as well as Oklahoma and the panhandle of Texas.
I'm probably not giving this area a fair shake, there may be some very nice things to do and see, but truth is we pretty much just put our heads down and drove until we were through it.

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