Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vegas, Baby.

Nicole had never been to Vegas, and as long as we were so close……
Because Vegas has a way of sucking all the money out of your life we had to make it a quick stop.  We wanted it to be fun for Madeline if possible so we got a room at Circus, Circus.  The trapeze act and the clowns were good fun and Nicole won a stuffed dolphin for Madeline at the midway games, so I think we did the best we could.  Meanwhile I took some time and won a bit at the slot machines, and after Madeline went to bed Nicole went down to the casino and turned it into enough to pay for our stop.  It probably wasn't the experience most people have in Vegas, but it was fun for all three of us.
From Vegas we continued west into California, headed north to Yosemite and eventually back to the Pacific Northwest.

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