Sunday, August 8, 2010

Haulout time

One of the joys of boat ownership is the ritual of pulling the boat from the water to do regular maintenance on the underwater parts. We had intended on hauling our boat in April, things got in the way, we put it off, tried to reschedule, other things got in the way, and it went on the back burner for a while. We scheduled again for mid July, and as many of your know my father passed away so again it was postponed. Finally last Saturday the stars aligned and we pulled Baraka out of the water for some much needed TLC. It has been three years since we last hauled and I was expecting the worst, but the bottom looked pretty good as far as growth goes. The zincs were another story, it seems there is an electrical problem at out dock in Shilshole that ate most of our zincs and had started in on the propeller. Pure luck had us haul out now before the problem got worse.
The work list for this haulout includes new antifouling paint for the bottom, a coat or two of red and white paint for the topsides, new zincs, a new propeller and propeller shaft seal, and some work on the deck paint that seems to be peeling off in sheets. This is all leading up to a hull survey for our insurance company, a necessary evil every five years or so. I'll include a couple pictures of the boat coming out of the water and try to update this as the work progresses.

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