Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In the boat yard

Doing maintenance on the boat while it is out of the water is bad enough. In almost all cases a trip to the boat yard includes removing and/or applying antifouling paint, a toxic mixture of paint and heavy metals like copper and zinc. Being covered in toxic dust day after day sounds fun enough, but we decided to go all out and live on the boat while it's in the yard, A couple of things make this particularly enjoyable, the first of which is that you have to navigate about 12 feet of ladder to get in and out of your house. This also means that a couple extra steps out the backyard lead to a fall of equal distance to a nicely paved surface below. Heavy drinking almost seems justified with all the fun you have in the boatyard, but the acrobatics involved in going home make it a poor call. The other fun thing about living in the yard is that most boats function around the premise that they will be floating in water. The toilet uses outside water to flush, the sinks drain overboard, and in our case the fridge uses the water for cooling to make the beer more satisfying on a hot day. Pull the boat out of the water and all these taken-for-granted luxuries disappear. If our marriage makes it through the next couple weeks.....


  1. That travel lift have a scale? What's Baraka come in at?

  2. Yes it did have a scale. She read right around 26,000 with all tanks full, although Nicole said I should point out that it's impolite to ask a girls weight.