Sunday, May 15, 2011

Feeling Crabby

We were just starting to feel a little foolish about spending a large sum of money on a Canadian fishing license when we got to the Octopus Islands.  We had tried crabbing several times in Desolation Sound, and got skunked each time.  The first location wasn't all that good, and we were making things up as we went for bait, so it wasn't surprising we didn't catch anything.  Our second set was almost too perfect, and I still think someone came by and pulled our traps and emptied them, but regardless they were empty when we went to retrieve them.  When we had the anchor down in the Octopus Islands, Nicole went in to shore and dug clams for bait, and we set out one trap.  The first pull a couple hours later got us one keeper red rock crab and one female dungeness that we threw back.  I was encouraged enough to dig more clams and grab another trap to set.  By the time we left the anchorage we had five keeper red rock crabs, and only one dungeness crab, but the biggest dungeness I have ever caught.  Eating crab once or twice a day for the past several days has been pretty nice, and after crab omelets tomorrow morning we should have enough room in the fridge to start all over again.


  1. Nice catch! We are in Blind Channel. Have fun.


  2. The best bait is raw chicken necks. We used to catch a ton of them in the Chesapeake using them.

    S/V Kintala