Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Brydon Anchorage, Hurricane Island, Brydon Channel

The area to the southwest of Hunter Island is a maze of islands, and the center is usually referred to as the Spider Anchorage, although there are numerous places to anchor that may or may not be included in that label.  Coming from the east, the easiest access is via Brydon Channel.  After negotiating several charted rocks and shallow areas, the channel splits, with the left channel leading out into Spider Anchorage proper, and the right channel leading up to what is sometimes referred to as Brydon Anchorage.  After skirting around the drying rock along the southern shore of the bay, we struggled to find a spot that wasn't too close to the drying rock, the south shore, or the shoals around the southeastern shore, without getting into the deeper water in the middle of the bay.  A lower tide level would make it much easier to pick out the shallow areas to avoid.  The bay is very well protected from all winds and the tide pools and shallows are full of interesting sea life.

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