Monday, July 18, 2011

The Kindness of Strangers

Fourth of July weekend, we are sitting in a pretty anchorage in Sandborn Canal, it's been days since the temperature has risen above 50 or that it's stopped raining for more than a few minutes.  This is summer is Southeast Alaska, and I'm really not complaining, much.  We have the heater on, so inside the boat it's warm and dry, but the weather outside isn't helping spur us into action.  We had grand plans to set a couple crab traps around the boat, then head out to the outer bay to set a prawn trap and maybe do a little salmon fishing along the way.  Instead we are sitting inside reading and drinking coffee, occasionally poking our heads out the companionway to make sure things still look the same.  On one such occasion, I looked outside to see another boat heading down the canal towards us, and recognized it as one of the powerboats that was anchored near the entrance to the canal last night.  They had left the anchorage earlier and were now coming down to our end to check their crab traps.  I  was on deck to watch them, hoping if their traps were full it would give me some encouragement to set ours.  After they finished pulling their traps, they motored over close to our boat and asked if we wanted some crab, as they had quite a few in their traps.  After rowing over in our inflatable, they put three big crabs in the bucket I brought, then tossed a couple handfuls of big prawns on top and handed the bucket back.  Certainly easier than setting our own traps, and I hardly noticed the rain and cold in the few minutes I was out.

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