Friday, August 23, 2013

Baker Inlet

One of the things we've been trying to do on this trip is to stop in new places when it is convenient.  In looking over the charts for northern British Columbia I noticed that we still hadn't visited Baker Inlet on the north end of Grenville Channel, even though I had wanted to several times.  The entrance to Baker Inlet is a channel called Watts Narrows, which as the name implies is very narrow and the currents run very strong.
There are quite a few places between Seattle and Alaska where the currents run faster than our boat can travel.  If the passage is wide and clear of danger, we can time it to ride along and double our speed, but more often the passages are narrow or dangerous, and we have to wait until the tide change when the currents stop to do our transit.
Such is the case with Watts Narrows, and until now our timing was never right to sneak in, so we decided to plan around it so we knew we could get through.  We had to wait outside for a bit once we arrived for the right timing, but after that it was a breeze to get through and once inside and all the way to the end of the inlet, we found another stop to add to our list of favorites.  The scenery is beautiful and the anchorage spot is well protected and roomy.  Our first night we shared the anchorage with one other boat, but they left the next morning and we decided to stay.  The crabbing was good, there were big spot prawns in our trap when I pulled it, and the weather cleared up for some much appreciated sun and warmth.  In fact it was so nice we decided to stay again the next morning, and got another day and night of clear weather without seeing another boat.  On our way out the last morning we spotted a pair of wolves on the shore, one all black and the other all white.
Our transit back out the narrows was at low tide instead of high tide as when we entered, but the depths were good and it was another easy transit.  The visit was well worth the little bit of extra planning involved, and I'm sure we will be back.

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