Friday, August 30, 2013


Traveling by boat you can't help but think of water.  Traveling by boat in the northwest you get the added aspect of water from above as well as beneath the boat.
Our summer travel in Alaska was exceptionally dry, but our passing into Canada seems to have changed our luck, not necessarily for the better.   The rain finally came, and it wasn't messing around, dumping day after day to make up for our earlier dry spell.  It's not much fun to stand outside driving a boat in a downpour, but the rain is good for two things.

The first is that the rivers and streams start running again, and that gives the salmon a chance to get upstream to spawn.  The second benefit is that waterfalls start showing up everywhere.  A lot of the land surrounding the waterways we travel climbs straight up from sea level to several thousand feet, perfect terrain for spectacular waterfalls.
The inner channels of northern British Columbia are great waterfall country, so I thought I would take an afternoon and shoot some pictures of the various falls we passed as we headed south.  Enjoy.

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