Monday, August 12, 2013

Man Overboard

I guess the title isn't exactly correct, but "Meow Overboard" doesn't have the same ring to it.  Anyway, the cat finally went in the water.  Turns out she swims just fine.
We were anchored in Mabel Bay on the southwest side of Prince of Wales Island, and Nicole and I were down below taking pictures of Madeline when we heard a splash and thrashing in the water.  We both knew instantly what it was, and I quickly handed Madeline to Nicole and raced out on deck to grab the landing net.  By the time I got the net ready the cat was swimming around the bow and headed down the other side of the boat.  I scooped her up and flipped her on deck, but before I could yell to Nicole to close the hatch Hope was down below and spraying saltwater everywhere.  The whole episode lasted six minutes, with clean-up, of both the cat and the boat, taking considerably longer than that.

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  1. I was aboard my friend's schooner the first time their cat went overboard (he was probably trying to knock somebody's beer off the taffrail so he could get a drink). He was back aboard and heading to nice dry bedding in the stateroom before anybody could say a thing. I'm happy to hear that everything worked out.