Monday, June 20, 2011

Cruising Guides

Starting this week I will be including posts on our blog in a pseudo-cruising guide format, outlining the places we have been on our trip.  These are meant more as a reference for our boating friends that may be heading north in the near future, but I will also try to include photos and personal experiences so there may be interesting information for non-boaters as well.
Also, I encourage anyone reading our blog to use the comments section at the end of each post, or to send us email if you have comments about any of the posts.  It's nice to have electronic mail in any form waiting for us when we arrive somewhere with internet access.

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  1. Greg, and Nicole it was so good to have you over. What a wonderful evening. Please don't hesitate to look us up whenever you are in our neck of the world. We would be happy to pick you up, invite you to dinner, extend our laundry, and shower facilities to you, or help run you around town for need supplies. We're here... please feel free to give us a call.
    Lynn, and Bill