Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wigham Cove, Yeo Island, North of Seaforth Channel

Wigham Cove is located about 8 miles north of the Bella Bella/Shearwater area, making it a convenient stop for boats headed north that want to stop in either town for supplies but don't want to spend the night at the docks.  The entrance to the cove is narrow with quite a few rocks that dry at low tide, but the depths in the channel are good if you favor the west side.  Anchorage is available in either the east end or the south end of the bay.  The east end is deep, about 20 meters or more through most of the area, but the approach is clear once past the rocks in the entrance.  We anchored in the south end, which requires passing between the small island and a rocky point on the eastern shore, but once past this shallow point it opens up and depths are good with swing room for several boats.  We anchored in about 12 meters in the center of the arm.  Avoid the large rock at the southern-most point of the south arm.

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