Thursday, June 9, 2011

Work Bay, Sarah Island, Finlayson Channel

Situated at the north end of Finlayson Channel, Work Bay is a good anchorage to use when preparing for the long run up Graham Reach and Fraser Reach.  It is also less than 10 miles from Hiekish Narrows to make planning for the currents easier.  The bay is somewhat open to the south and the wind and swell could reach inside during moderate southerly weather, but there is good protection from all other directions.  Anchoring depths at the head of the bay are good at 10-15 meters and there is swinging room for several boats.  It looks like depth would be reasonable to anchor in the eastern arm, but this location would be even more exposed than at the head of the bay.  The approach is clear and easy and could be done by radar or in reduced visibility.
We tried prawning in the outer bay with no success, the depths are 150-200 meters within a boat length of shore until you get near the entrance to the inner bay so finding a convenient ledge to set traps is challenging.  We did not try crabbing but had very good success in Bottleneck Inlet which is only a few miles south.

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