Friday, June 3, 2011

Sea Otter Inlet, Hunter Island, Fitz Hugh Sound

Sea Otter Inlet is broken up into three arms, the north arm is also known as Crab Cove.  We have only anchored in the south arm, but all three offer reasonable protection for anchoring.  The south arm is long and narrow, with two breaks in the wooded shores near the head.  One passage dries on most tides and looks out into Fitz Hugh Sound, the other is a shallow rock-filled passage that connects to Target Bay in Nalau Passage.  Anchoring depths are good at around 8 meters at the head with room for other boats staggered down the length of the arm in progressively deeper water.
Crabbing was poor in the arm, but we caught quite a few rockfish around the south point of the entrance and around Hanna Islet.

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